"I am working with renewed enthusiasm on my book. I had been looking for themes, an arc, a purpose to this writing of mind and your suggestions have pointed me in a good direction. I appreciate so much your careful reading and commenting and the fact that you seem to take it seriously. The organized way you presented your comments and ideas makes it easy for me to work on micro or macro issues as my time and inclination move me. Thank you so much!"  
~Elizabeth Van Ingen, author of 
Kismet, a 2014 Colorado Book Award finalist

Do you have a manuscript that you need help with, or need an extra boost to get your writing out in the world?  

Jennifer Phelps is poet, writer and Freelance editor with a creative background in teaching, higher education, and personal growth to help you meet your goals.  Click on "Services" to find out more.

Jennifer Phelps, Freelance Editing
Finding purpose in words and life.

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